Code, Description and Text attributes

KB article ID: 500

For most data values associated with table lookups, Judici presents either two or  three attributes:
  • An attribute containing "Code" contains the code value (e.g. <CriminalDisposition> Code attribute value of "405")
  • An attribute containing "Name", or "Description" holds the exact text corresponding to the code (e.g. "Withhold Judgment/720 ILCS 5/12-4.3").
  • An optional third attribute containing "Text"- this is a combination of the other two attributes.  Where it exists, it is typically the actual field which Judici displays, to allow courts the option to modify the content to display something less cryptic content.  So while it is certainly an option to create a simple concatenation, "405 - Withhold Judgment/720 ILCS 5/12-4.3" in the above example, the court may wish to create a more human-readable version.  In the above example, this might look like: "405 - Withhold Judgment, Pending Probation in Aggravated Battery of a Child"