A litigant actor may well have multiple identities, one "real" and one or more alias identities.

  • Type- indicates Real or Alias. Name-based web service queries may find a case based on an alias name, so this attribute helps distinguish such "hits".
  • ID- this sequence/ordinal number .  This corresponds to each name (real or alias).  If more than one identity/name is to be retained, this should be used as the key for each.  Fr performance reasons, this has a composite value with a required structure using special delimiters:
    • I (Identity)
    • A sequence/ordinal
  • The "real" identity should always be Identity I0
  • Name attributes
    • FullName- this is the only name data which is used, and thus the only one required.  The format is: LastName, FirstName [MiddleInitialOrMiddleName].  Example: SMITH, JAMES M JR
    • FirstName
    • MiddleName
    • LastName
    • Prefix
    • Suffix
  • Gender- provided to help confirm identity on name-only searches.
  • DateOfBirth- if the search was based on date of birth, search hits will contain at least one identity with that DOB.
  • Other demographics
    • Height
    • HeightMeasurementUnit
    • Weight
    • WeightMeasurementUnit
    • EyeColor
    • HairColor
    • ScarsMarksTattoos
    • PlaceOfBirth
    • Ethnicity
    • Citizenship
    • MaritalStatus
  • EntityAcronym- not used
  • EntityType- not used