Each Adjustment represents a change to the total amount of fines and fees ordered on the case.

  • Amount- the incremental change to the amount ordered (the TotalDue on Receivables).  Naturally, this is also the incremental change to the balance on  the case.
  • JournalDate- when the modification or deletion was executed.
  • JournalTime- when the modification or deletion was executed.
  • Attributes providing a "snapshot" data after the adjustment (for diagnostic purposes if nothing else)
    • JournalTotalDue- the new total ordered amount
    • JournalTotalPaid- assumes that any pending bond will be applied to the case.
    • JournalBalance- the balance still owed.
  • ID is the litigant ID comprised of the Role Code, Role, RoleDescription and Role Sequence described in see LitigantDetails
  • FullName, LitigantNumber and CaseNumber also pertain to the litigant.

Note: The effect of an adjustment upon the amount of SA Collections fees owed is not in the adjustment record.  So those interested in tracking this should speak with their Judici rep about how they can do so.