Represents payments associated with a litigant (bonds and payment vouchers), as well as changes thereto.  If an existing payment is deleted or modified, an additional Payment (of Type = "Audit") will "back out" the original payment using a negative Amount, and a new Payment of Type = "Audit" will be provided if the payment was not deleted.





When a payment is deleted, you get three <Payment> elements:

When a payment is changed, you get two <Payment> elements:

 If the payment was changed, you get a back-out and a new payment for the full new amount.  The new payment has the original Type (Cash, Money Order, etc.).  All such records share the Number associated with the original payment.

In courts using the JIMS case management system- the effect of an NSF check- if the court accepts personal checks from defendants (which is rare) and such a check bounces, a Payment having negative Amount is entered as an adjusting entry. The negative entry usually has no cross-reference to the original payment.

If a collection agency is not the first one active in a given court, it is theoretically possible that they might receive payments which happened after the specified COLDATE on which that agency's involvement began, but on cases which were referred prior to the agency's involvement.