Represents a single case.

  • Category- indicates the broader type of case (e.g. Criminal, Civil).
  • Number- this is the full case number.  Do not zero-pad it.
  • The different segments of the case number
    • Year
    • TypeCode
      • The case type.  Examples: CF (Criminal Felony), L (Law) 
      • Note that this is not always indicative of the severity of the offense currently charged in the case. See Charge for more on charge severity.
    • Sequence- a sequence/ordinal number within year and case type
  • Case subtype- see also Code, Description and Text attributes
    • SubtypeCode- the court CMS code for any subdivision of case type
    • TypeSubTypeText- this is a description of the case subtype, if any.
  • LastUpdateDate- indicates the date on which the data was last updated at Judici. But some Providers give Judici cases when the data has not necessarily changed, so this date may not correspond to action on the case by the court.  For this reason, the md5 attribute in the search results is a better choice for use in determining whether a case has changed.  See also Date formats in Judici XML.
  • Action- not used
  • ModificationType- not used
  • XID- Judici internal use only
  • Title- e.g. "People vs. John Dillinger" or "Smith Inc. vs. Jones LLP"