• Number- an ordinal/sequence number representing the "nth charge record on the count".
  • Status- for a given Count, the Charge to which the disposition refers may not necessarily be the first Charge. The Status attribute tells this story. Watch for charges whose Status is "Amended", since they supersede the one whose status is "Original" on the same count. The Original charge will also typically have a disposition indicating that the charge was not carried forward.  For more on the codes used in Illinois, see notes on Charge Status in ADR User's Guide
  • Code indicates the relevant criminal offense, based on the standards used in the court. In Illinois, this standard is mandated by the Administrative Office of the Illinois Courts, though it has traditionally limited circulation of the full table to those government and vendor entities who develop criminal case management software.  See also the general notes on Code, Description and Text attributesRetention in Compiled Index Record not allowed.
  • Description-
  • Text- see general notes on Code, Description and Text attributes.
  • Qualifier attribute- this indicates modifiers on a charge, such as "Attempted", or "Conspiracy".
  • Class attribute- this is the only consistent indicator of the severity (felony, misdemeanor, etc.) of the charge. The TypeCode attribute of the Case might indicate Criminal Felony, but when a charge is amended, the actual charges on the case may be a misdemeanor. Even the OffenseType and Type attributes of the Charge only indicate the "typical" case type for the charge- the charge's Class attribute will reflect any change to this based on any qualifiers such as "Attempt".
  • Conviction- see Criminal conviction data
  • ModificationType- not used
  • Type- the "typical" type of case for the charge (e.g. Felony or Misdemeanor).
  • OffenseType- the "typical" case type for the charge.
  • XID-  Judici internal use only
  • Date
  • StatuteReference- the full citation for the offense
  • StatuteReferenceSource
  • PleaCode- Code, Description and Text attributes
  • PleaDescription- corresponds to PleaCode
  • PleaText